Putting the patient first

23 04 2009

For Drs. Lynda Dean-Duru and Rishita Jaju, the reward comes later.

The reward comes after the ALD meeting is over and they take what they learned back to their pediactric practice in Virginia, where they can use their new knowledge to improve patient care.

“It’s so nice to take things back that you learned and make patients happier and more comfortable,” Dr. Dean-Duru said. “It makes you feel like you’re doing everything you can.”

Both these dentists are new ALD members, taking in the annual event for the first time this year and enjoying the new member reception by the pool Thursday evening. They both already use lasers in their practice, but wanted to learn how to be laser dentists. 

Dr. Rishita Jaju and Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru

Dr. Rishita Jaju and Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru

Dr. Dean-Duru and Dr. Jaju are among the about 50 new dentists who joined the ALD this year, ALD Executive Director Gail Siminovsky said. About 300 people traveled to Vegas for the meeting, which is on par with last year’s number despite the down economy.

“I think people realize it’s hard to find an unbiased approach to laser education,” Siminovsky said of what draws dental professionals to the meeting. “It’s hard to separate a commercial sale and real education in terms of how to use the technology.”

The learning, the camaraderie, the chance to improve treatment for their patients–these are all reasons Dr. Dean-Duru and Dr. Jaja decided to join the ALD.

“It’s the next step,” Dr. Jaja said. “We’re moving toward a place where lasers will be the standard of care, especially with the newer generation of dentists beginning to practice.”




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