It’s all about the learning

23 04 2009

The laser learning continued with general session lectures and parallel sessions Thursday morning at the ALD’s 16th annual conference.

During his morning time slot, Dr. Glenn van As made the case for using Er:YAG lasers in restorative dentistry. He outlined the advantages and disadvantages and reminded attendees that just because they have a laser, doesn’t mean they have to use it for everything. That will only lead to frustration, because a laser isn’t always the best choice.

Dr. Glenn Van

Dr. Glenn van As

“Many of you here have a laser in your dentistry toolbox, but don’t forget there are other things in that tool box that shouldn’t be thrown away,” he said. “I still use my handpiece. You still need blades, magnification systems and handpieces.”

Dr. van As demonstrated clinical cases of 1 through 6 cavity preparaptions and ended the lecture with a live demonstration to show how a Er:YAG laser can be used to prepare teeth in real clinical time. He also discussed and demonstrated the importance of high levels of magnification for the examination and evaluation of laser-tissue interaction and its importance for successful restorative laser procedures.

A talk on dental laser marketing clearances, a session focusing on soft tissue and perio, as well as a session covering practice management for the entire team rounded out the morning’s learning opportunities.





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