VOCO: Non-drip Technology

26 03 2009

When thinking about efficiency or return on investment, your initial thoughts probably don’t turn to dripping syringes. But for VOCO, a company that is invested in high-fluid materials, making that kind of waste a thing of the past was a priority.

Photo courtesy of Voco.

Photo courtesy of Voco.

The VOCO solution: NDT Spritze, or the non-dripping technology syringe. Described by the manufacturer as “a flexible poetry in the syringe body,” the design ensures that the material withdraws itself back into the cannula of the syringe after squirting.  The syringe makes it possible to apply the materials in the desired quantity without waste. The company believes this will lead to a cleaner, safer and more economical workflow.

For more information, visit www.voco.com.



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