Sirona: High-tech, User-friendly

26 03 2009

There was a common theme around the product launches and updates announced at the Sirona Press Club reception Wednesday night: They have all been designed for intuitive and easy operation with the end goal of streamlining treatment workflows. The company believes that new dental equipment should, wherever possible, ensure that dentists are in a position to concentrate on their core assignment.

At this year’s IDS Sirona presented several exciting new offerings. They include…

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

CEREC Bluecam 3D camera: The key component in the new CEREC AC acquisition center is how simply it delivers unprecedented levels of precision. The blue light clearly illuminates the preparation site and the camera is triggered automatically as soon as it is in the correct position. The Bluecam achieves an impressive measuring depth and, with the help of a camera support, can be placed directly on the tooth, meaning the user does not have to maintain a prescribed clearance between the preparation and the camera lens.

The captured image. Photo courtesy of Sirona.

The captured image. Photo courtesy of Sirona.

With the help of the automatic image capture function it is possible to scan an entire arch in less than one minute.

The CEREC Connect Portal. Photo courtesy of Sirona.

The CEREC Connect Portal. Photo courtesy of Sirona.

CEREC Connect: The traditional modus operandi between dentists and dental technicians—the production of tooth models on the basis of a physical impression—is expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. In the near future CEREC dentists will be able to acquire digital impressions using CEREC Bluecam and then transmit the data to a dental laboratory of their choice via the CEREC Connect web portal. The lab will then produce the restorations to the dentist’s specifications. At present CEREC Connect is available only in the USA. The service will be extended to the German market in 2010.

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

Sirona Implant: Cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) images generated on the GALILEOS x-ray system can now be combined with digital impressions acquired via the CEREC Bluecam. This opens up completely new perspectives in integrated prosthetic and surgical planning. Taking a perfectly designed crown as its basis the software automatically generates an implant proposal. The dentist can then evaluate the surgical feasibility of this proposal. In the event of conflicts he can discuss the possible alternatives with the patient. In the medium term it will be possible to create surgical guides in-house with the aid of the inLab system. This workflow ensures a high degree of reliability. A new software tool, Sirona Implant, for the superimposition of CEREC images and GALILEOS images will become available in mid-2009.

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

Photo courtesy of Sirona.

inLab 3D software: The ability to mill restorations overnight saves valuable time. The new “inLab 3D Stack” software module allows the technician to place up to 27 restorations within a single zirconium oxide block. In this connection Sirona will introduce two new block sizes starting in May 2009L the inCoris ZI maxi S (65/40/17) and the inCoris ZI maxi L (85/40/22). “inLab 3D Stack” also allows the technician to redeploy used blocks at a later date, thus paving the way to significant reductions in material costs. A second new software module – “inLab 3D for Abutments” – allows crowns and abutments to be designed in a single process, complete with the necessary anti-rotation locking devices.

teneo_seitenansichtTENEO: This new treatment center offers several key features designed to make the dentist’s work easier and more effective. Described as “”intuitively comprehensible,” the treatment center’s EasyTouch user interface controls all the standard functions, as well as the numerous add-on options. The EasyTouch displays only those functions that the dentist needs at any given time, thus allowing him or her to concentrate fully on the treatment process. The user interface also gives the clinician direct access to all the various patient communication functions. Here at IDS, the unit’s LEDview operating light will make its debut. Featuring a maximum light intensity of 30,000 lux and a triple-jointed support arm, the light ensures that the dentist obtains an excellent view of the entire treatment site.

Other products that have been updated include SIROLaser Advance, DAC Universal autoclave, HELIODENT Plus, PerioScan, as well as Orthophos XG 5 and Orthophos XG Plus. For all the details, visit




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