SensAble Technologies: Rapid ROI

26 03 2009

Photo courtesy of SensAble Technologies.

Photo courtesy of SensAble Technologies.

SensAble Technologies Inc. announced the availability of a new version of its SensAble Dental Lab System (SDLS), an integrated CAD/CAM solution to scan, design and fabricate a wide variety of dental restorations. Through its significantly expanded capabilities for full contour crown & bridge restorations, as well as new features that speed the design and production of removable partials, Version 2 is said to offer dental labs a smarter way to “go digital.” The SensAble solution enables labs to deliver various kinds of restorations from a single system, made with precision, increased efficiency and consistency. SensAble is showcasing Version 2 of the SDLS here at IDS.
The SDLS digital solution is capable of creating metal and flexible partials, as well as full contour crown and bridge. Its key components – a 3D scanner, design system, resin printer, and case management software – have been tightly integrated to produce accurate, consistent results in a streamlined workflow. Version 2 increases lab productivity by providing the digital tools to design a wider range of fixed and removable restorations, and the freedom to easily handle “real-world” cases that can be challenging and time consuming for other systems.

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