Medotech: Beat Bruxism

26 03 2009
Photo courtesy of Medotech.

Photo courtesy of Medotech.

The primary topic of conversation at the Medotech booth is Grindcare, a new biofeedback technology that, according to clinical tests conducted by the School of Dentistry in Aarhus, Denmark, can effectively treat bruxism.

Grindcare measures the movement of facial muscles during sleep through a small electrode place on the temple. Whenever bruxism is detected, the device emits a a small electric impulse which causes the relaxation of the facial muscles involved in bruxism (masseter and temporalis). Both patients and dentists can then track the effect of the treatment on a daily basis. According to studies, treatment does not affect the sleep pattern of patients.

For more on the clinical studies as well as testimonials and other information, visit




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