Kerr: Material Matters

26 03 2009

Several of the biggest brands Kerr is highlighting at IDS have been available to dentists in the U.S., including NX3, MaxCem Elite, Premise Indirect, Take 1 Advanced, and most recently, Herculite Ultra.

Photo courtesy of Kerr.

Photo courtesy of Kerr.

Of course, it wouldn’t be IDS without some new launch, and Kerr didn’t disappoint. The company announced the availability of Vertise Flow, the first self-adhering flowable composite in the European marketplace. This self-etch, self-adhering flowable composite technology is said to eliminate the need for a separate bonding application step with composites for direct restorative procedures. Powered by Kerr’s OptiBond adhesive technology, this product will help to simplify the direct restorative procedure for today’s time-challenged dentist by incorporating the bonding agent into the flowable.

Photo courtesy of Kerr.

Photo courtesy of Kerr.

In addition to two new flavors of its Cleanic prophy paste—Green Apple and Bubble Gum—Kerr also launched its new Pasteless Prophy, designed to meet the strong demands of an effective minimally invasive prophylactic procedure on tough, remaining stains to be used in extreme cases, after Cleanic. The product is available in three practical shapes: Cup, Flame and Disc. These single use paste free polishing devices offer proven structurally bound fluoridation due to continuous release of fluoride particles, leaving the surface of the tooth smooth. Pasteless Prophy is scientifically proven, as is Cleanic, to produce minimal enamel abrasion with maximum cleaning.

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