Dyna Dental: Implant Care

26 03 2009
Photo courtesy of Dyna Dental.

Photo courtesy of Dyna Dental.

One of the many products being lauded at the Dyna Dental Engineering booth  here at IDS is ImplaClean, a toothpaste for people with dental implants. In addition to being safe for dental implant constructions, the toothpaste uses anionic active oxygen technology (Ardox-X) in combination with Lactoferrine to penetrate the natural tissue and keep tooth pockets and implants clean and free of damaging bacteria or infection.

The active oxygen is not the active, radical form known in hydrogen peroxide, but a safe, anionic form. Released during tooth brushing, the manufacturer has scientific data indicating that the oxygen goes on to eliminate free radicals, infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and microbes.  Lactoferrine is a protein that, in combination with the active oxygen, has an antibacterial, antiparasitary and antiviral effect.

The toothpaste has a neutral pH value and a low level of fluoride. For more information, visit www.dynadental.com.



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