3M ESPE: Lava Digital Workflow

26 03 2009

01_lava_digital1Another primary message at the 3M ESPE press conference Wednesday was the company’s emphasis on providing solutions for every stage of dental’s digital workflow. The catch-all title for the digital portfolio: Lava Precision Solutions. This includes material processing, optical imaging and 3D video capture, CAD/CAM technologies, and system development. For the Lava system, all components (including materials) are coordinated with each other for optimal fit, strength, and longevity.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

The Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S.—available in select markets—enables the dentist to take a digital impression with “3D-in-Motion” technology, the only video capture system on the market. A highly advanced and durable stereolithography (SLA) model is created which enables the dentist to prescribe a traditional or CAD/CAM restoration for the lab to fabricate.

In the CAD/CAM process, the data is electronically sent to a partner lab or an Authorized Lava™ Milling Center, where the restoration is designed in the full-contour Lava™ Design Software 5.0. This new software version is said to offer improved handling and increased design options. In combination with other components, it paves the way for additional indications. Implant abutments and long-span bridges up to 48 mm length designed with up to eight units will be realizable with the software.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

They are milled from the new Lava™ Zirconia Frame Multi XL in the high-performance machine Lava™ CNC 500, scheduled for release in select markets later this year. It offers higher productivity despite a smaller footprint.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Digital veneers for Lava™ Zirconia copings will be available using the new software, the Lava™ Digital Veneering System (DVS) and an additional glass ceramic material. All these innovative components and materials will be rolled out in 2009.

For more information, visit www.3MESPE.com.




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