SycoTec: Micro Motor Breakthrough

25 03 2009
Photo courtesy of Koelnmesse.

Photo courtesy of Koelnmesse.

As a further development of the SycoDrill, the shortest micro motor for straight and contra-angle dental handpieces, SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG presented its new SycoSLM micro motor here at IDS. The SycoSLM is said to be an average of 50% shorter and 30% lighter than other electric dental motors and, when combined with a contra-angle handpiece, ensures balanced weight distribution and improved handling.

Photo courtesy of SycoTec.

Photo courtesy of SycoTec.

The new micro motor weighs just 67 grams and is 31.7 mm in length. According to the manufacturer, this makes the SycoSLM to the world’s shortest, smallest and lightest micro motor. The clear reduction in weight makes it much easier to work with straight and contra-angle handpieces. For female dentists in particular, the lower weight results in less strain on muscles in the fingers, making it possible to work in much more relaxed, pleasant and, ultimately, precise way. The even distribution of weight between the contra-angle handpiece, electric motor and hose ensures that the system is well balanced and feels good in the dentist’s hand. An integrated LED light with a significantly longer lifetime compared to previous high-pressure lamps provides improved lighting during treatment.

The SycoSLM is designed for integrated media delivery of spray air, spray water and cooling air for the motor, and incorporates a non-return valve for spray water to prevent back-contamination. As a preparation motor, the rotational speed range of the micro motor lies between 1,000 and 40,000 rpm with a torque of 3 Ncm. Even in connection with straight and contra-angle handpieces, SycoSLM operates free of vibrations and, above all, inaudibly. The instrument coupling corresponds to the ISO standard and is suitable for all straight and contra-angle handpieces.

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26 03 2009
ISO certifications chennai

Thats great to see a new advanced technology of Sycodrill’s mini motor. That too got an ISO certification so soon, thats great.


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