Nobel Biocare: State of the Art

25 03 2009

nb-logoFollowing an enthusiastic reception at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter meeting in February, Nobel Biocare is conducting its global launch of the NobelProcera system with new prosthetic products and materials here at IDS. The company is also extending the successful NobelActive launch by introducing a complete NobelActive prosthetic assortment.

Photo courtesy of Nobel Biocare.

Photo courtesy of Nobel Biocare.

NobelProcera: The new NobelProcera system comprises a new optical scanner and a prosthetic design software package as well as an extended material and product offer, which the company believes will set new standards in the CAD/CAM development, design and manufacturing of dental prosthetics, especially for fully edentulous indications.

Photo courtesy of Nobel Biocare.

Photo courtesy of Nobel Biocare.

NobelActive: The NobelActive implant system was introduced in May 2008 and went on to sell more than 130,000 implants in ’08. Here at IDS, the company is announcing the inclusion of new prosthetic solutions, now offering a complete range of prosthetic components and new implant lengths. NobelActive is said to deliver optimal initial stability and allow for more natural-looking esthetics thanks to its built-in platform shifting functionality, adjustable implant orientation ability and dual-function prosthetic connection. This extended range includes two new lengths of NobelActive for the existing three diameters (8.5mm and 18mm), LOCATOR abutments for simplified removable restorations, QuickTemp, Immediate Temporary and Temporary abutments for immediate temporization solutions, and GoldAdapt, Snappy and Multi-unit abutments for final single-tooth and multiple-tooth-bridge restorations.

itunesIn other news, Nobel Biocare is now on iTunes, making free training and educational material available to dentists, dental specialists, students and patients. According to CEO Domenico Scala, “Nobel Biocare on iTunes U demonstrates our commitment to sharing our broad experience in training and education with the next generation of dental professionals. iTunes U provides an innovative way for us to engage millions of students and dental professionals with state-of-the-art dental education.”




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