MIS Implant Technologies: Make it Simple

25 03 2009

Established in 1995, MIS Implant Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of dental products to provide solutions for a variety of implantology cases. Below are some of the products the company is featuring here at IDS…

Photo courtesy of MIS.

Photo courtesy of MIS.

UNO One Piece and UNO Narrow: Each of these implants is specifically engineered for narrow ridges and tight spaces. The insertion of a UNO implant is a said to be a quick and simple one-stage procedure. Due to their geometries and advanced surface morphology, teh implants offer high initial stability and can be used to restore single crowns.

Photo courtesy of MIS.

Photo courtesy of MIS.

4Bone RCM and 4Bone SBS: RCM is a resorbable porcine skin-sourced collagen membrane for guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration. It is manufactured using cross linkage technology that enables the membrane to maintain a functional barrier for 4 to 6 months. SBS is a fully synthetic bone graft compoased of HA (60%) and BTCP (40%). A permeable, interconnected micro and macro porosity promotes invasion of osteogenic celles by osteoconduction, which permits the diffusion of biological fluids, leading to fast formation of bone.

Photo courtesy of MIS.

Photo courtesy of MIS.

MGuide: This interactive 3D planning guide offers clinicians virtual implant planning and guided implantology. The advantages of this technology is that the transformation of digital software data into 2D and 3D images can accurately depict the real world in a virtual environment, enabling simple, accurate and safe implantology.

Other products from MIS include a Bone Compression Kit, a Multi-Unit Abutment as well as a Seven and a Mistral abutment, both of which offer a high rate of successful osseointegration.

For more information, visit www.mis-implants.com.



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