KaVo: Additional News

25 03 2009

The Estetica E70 was not the only product news to come out of KaVo Dental‘s press conference Tuesday. The company also announced several additional product updates.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

The Key 3 plus Laser features greater ablation speed in hard dental tissue and bone than its predecessor, the Key 3, leading to a reportedly significant reduction in treatment length. Fine ablation with variable pulse length also permits finishing the cavity margins, resulting in improved esthetics. This upgraded model is suitable for numerous other indications in endodontics and surgery, such as drying and sterilising the root canal, implant exposure and root tip resection.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

With the GENTLEmini 5000, KaVo is now offering a new turbine with miniature head designed specifically to allow improved access for treating children and seniors. It combines all the advantages of the GENTLEsilence 8000 —with its reduced noise, precise preparations, outstanding performance and proprietary 100° head angle—but with a smaller head design.

The miniature head with a diameter of only 10.8 mm and height of 12.1 mm offers optimised visibility and hence the right conditions for unhindered work even when space is very restricted. This additonal space in the molar region is particularly useful especially when treating children and seniors.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

Photo courtesy of KaVo.

Based on the RKI recommendations for reprocessing, proof of validation for the individual reprocessing steps is required in on-site assessment visits. With the new CLEANspray and DRYspray for manual intensive interior cleaning of instruments and turbines, KaVo now offers two products that meet this requirement in a rapid and economical manner with a corresponding validation report. Manually spraying out instruments and turbines with CLEANspray achieves validated intensive cleaning of the drive shaft, including spray lines, and is said to thoroughly removes blood remnants as well. Subsequently spraying out with DRYspray dries the instruments and turbines without residue. The prerequisites for effective further hygienic reprocessing in accordance with RKI guidelines are thereby met.

Starting at IDS 2009, four additional tips are available for the SONICflex Quick 2008L, now covering endodontics and surgery.

For more information, visit www.kavo.com.




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