Hu-Friedy: Tips and Gauges

25 03 2009

Two of the main products Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. is highlighting at its booth are its Chu Gauges and the new tips available for the Symmetry IQ 4000.

Photo courtesy of Hu-Friedy.

Photo courtesy of Hu-Friedy.

Working in collaboration with renowned US specialist Dr. Stephen Chu, Hu-Friedy has extended its range of products for prosthetic solutions by developing a series of three gauges for measuring tooth proportions and crown length. The Chu Gauges are designed to achieve a greater degree of standardization when measuring proportions and dimensions in cosmetic restorations.
The three specially designed gauges are said to allow dentists to carry out cosmetic procedures more easily, more quickly and more predictably. According to the manufacturer, compared to past products, less time is needed during treatment for adjusting the equipment. The proportion gauge, for example, uses a  colour-coding system and is marked with a predefined scale for measuring the width-to-length ratio of the tooth. As the same gauge is used by dentists and lab technicians as a reference instrument, fewer adjustments are needed and the incidence of errors is reduced

Photo courtesy of Hu-Friedy.

Photo courtesy of Hu-Friedy.

The Symmetry IQ 4000 combines the benefits of manual scaling with the efficiency of ultrasound therapy. The latest additions to the Symmetry IQ Series are four high-grade piezo tips made of special-grade steel. Decribed as rugged and long-lasting, these tips are compatible both with the Symmetry IQ 4000 and with other systems.

“All the features of the Symmetry IQ range are designed for maximum working efficiency and easy handling for the clinician,” explains Frank Whyte, the product manager at Hu-Friedy responsible for the range. “In developing our materials and designing individual products we seek to add value at every stage of the dentist’s daily work cycle – from treatment to cleaning and care of the instruments.”



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