Heraeus Kulzer: Chain Reaction

25 03 2009

heraeusUnwilling to limit its innovative reputation to just one product, Heraeus Kulzer used IDS as a platform to announce a variety of launches and line extensions, presenting what it believes is a comprehensive range of dental solutions for the whole process chain in dentistry, prosthetics and implantology.

“Our dental products and solutions range from diagnostics and prevention over restoration of natural teeth to prosthetics and implants,” Dr. Martin Haase, Managing Director Heraeus Kulzer, stated. “Traditionally, being a close partner of lab and dental practices we not only know their demands very well but also the complex interfaces between dentist, technician and implantologist.

Some of the highlights include:

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Venus Diamond: With this new universal composite dentists can reportedly produce extremely natural, shrink-proof and long-lasting restorations with little effort. With its diamond formula—a proprietary monomer matrix and a newly developed nano-hybrid filler system—it combines optimal shade matching,  handling and durability.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

PALA Mix&Match: The new PALA Mix&Match combination principle for the tooth lines permits the flexible combination of the tooth lines Premium, Mondial and the new Mondial 6E, with a single compact system of perfectly matched tooth lines the dental technician covers all indications, aesthetic and functional desires individually.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

cara: The CAD/CAM system cara offers  laboratories economic access to what the manufacturer believes is cutting edge manufacturing technique and excellent quality. With optimally coordinated technologies and services, cara supports the whole CAD/CAM process chain. One cara novelty at IDS is a new scanner which now allows dental technicians to directly capture impressions from the dentist digitally.
As part of the IDS meeting Heraeus also presented the following “hot” products…

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

SOPIRA Ject: The new syringe for comfortable infiltration- and nerve block anaesthesia combines ergonomics with attractive design and is made of stainless steel.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

Photo courtesy of Heraeus Kulzer.

iBOND Total Etch: The new two-step bonding system combines effective adhesion and reliable desensitisation with convenient handling.

Heracast EC: A new casting machine for outstandingly compact and economic vacuum pressure.
OCTA-SCAN: This type 4 plaster is optimised for highly detailed capturing of models with laser light scanners.
IQ:NECT: Expanding its screwless implant system Heraeus presents two new scannable ceramic abutments as well as a single-patient drill.

For more information, visit www.heraeus-dental.com.




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