3M ESPE: From Infant to Implant

25 03 2009

3mespelogoWhile the recurring tagline of the 3M ESPE press conference was “simply unique,” a presentation made by Dr. Roland Richter, Marketing and Operations Manger Europe and MEA, summed up one of the core messages of the day: 3M ESPE now has products to care for the tooth over a lifetime, from infant to implant. With products ranging from prevention, to composites, adhesives, impression materials, temporization, cementation, crown and bridges and yes, implants, the 3M ESPE platform made for a powerful story.

We’ll put up a separate post on the new directions they’re taking in regard to digital workflow, but in the meantime, here are some of the hot products launched regarding restorative work…

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Elipar S10 LED Curing Light: This curing light features  an ergonomic stainless steel housing produced by hydroforming. The housing consists of one piece and is seamless as well as free of vents, making the device robust and durable. Since the buttons are sealed and its exterior is water resistant, internal components are kept free of contamination and cleaning of the dental curing device is simple and fast.

The curing light also is equipped with the latest LED technology allowing a high intensity of 1200 mW/cm² to assure a complete cure of the dental materials such as cements, adhesives and composites. The large 10 mm tip of the light guide facilitates easy positioning and enables the dentist to cure larger restorations. Due to 3M nanoreflector technology and a more focused design, the high light intensity of the curing light is maintained even at a distance of 7 mm between light guide and cured surface. The  design and technology  prevent the light beams from spreading and thus ensure a high intensity output leading to an improved depth of cure even in hard-to-reach clinical situations.

Additional  features icnlude a multiple-setting timer and further a tack-cure function that allows predictable curing results with reproducible, short light pulses.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Express 2 Penta Putty Soft VPS Impression Material: Express™ 2 Penta™ Putty Soft VPS material is the first hydrophilic putty material that can be dispensed from an automatic mixer. The new material is a top-class complement to the existing portfolio of VPS materials, which includes another putty material suited for automatic mixing: Express™ 2 Penta™ Putty VPS material. While Express™ 2 Penta™ Putty VPS material is primarily suited for the 2-step technique, the new soft putty material is recommended for the 1-step technique.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit: The Pentamix™ 3 unit, which was launched in May 2008,  is, according to the manufacturer, has been receiving  excellent feedback from practitioners ever since. It reproducibly dispenses a homogeneous and void-free mix of impression materials within a few seconds.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Protemp 4 Temporization Material: According to the manufacturer, this temporization material is particularly well-suited for long-term temporization as well as the temporization of multiple units, because the material offers a high fracture resistance and breaking toughness. Due to its natural gloss, no polishing or glazing is required.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

Photo courtesy of 3M ESPE.

ClinPro Prophy Powder: Clinpro™ Prophy Powder, professional tooth cleaning material, now has a new indication. Recent studies confirm that it is safe to be used in the supportive periimplantitis therapy for supra- and subgingival plaque removal.

For more information, visit www.3MESPE.com.



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31 05 2010

I just like the approach you took with this article. It’s not often that you just find something so concise and informative.

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