Ivoclar Vivadent: Implant Esthetics

24 03 2009

The Ivoclar Vivadent press conference held Monday, March 23rd, kicked off the IDS meeting with good news and big ideas. CEO Robert Ganley began the presentation by highlighting Ivoclar’s growth in 2008—7% worldwide. He credited this growth to the company’s platform—passion, vision, innovation—and especially the way that innovative products create opportunity.

Straumann Anatomic IPS e.max Abutment. Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Straumann Anatomic IPS e.max Abutment. Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

In 2009, Ivoclar Vivadent plans to continue this pattern, but this time, with Straumann as a strategic partner. Together, the companies are launching the Straumann Anatomical IPS e.max abutment. Under the agreement, Ivoclar Vivadent will supply its proprietary high-performance IPS e.max ceramic technology to Straumann for use in the latter’s dental prosthetic solutions, both implant and tooth borne. The new abutment is making its debut here at the IDS meeting and will be available in Europe next month, in North America from June onwards.

The anatomic abutment is a pre-shaped, standardized implant prosthetic that can be modified both in the dental laboratory and the practice. Like its titanium counterpart, the new abutment is said to offer a flexible, “off the shelf” solution. It comes in two gingival heights, two shades and two configurations (straight and angled). Designed for use with Straumann’s new-generation Bone Level Implant range, the Anatomic IPS e.max Abutment features a CrossFit connection for convenient handling, optimal pressure distribution and precise tight fit.

The company’s commitment to implant esthetics doesn’t end there. Additional products will include Multilink Implant, Monobond Plus, the Phonares denture line and later, an implant care kit.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Multilink Implant is a self-/dual-curing, two-component luting composite which permanently and adhesively bonds restorations to implant abutments. The material’s very low solubility in water and its high mechanical strength enable it to establish a durable bond between the restoration and the abutment.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Monobond Plus meets a requirement that is essential for dental professionals: ease of use. The innovative combination of three different functional groups— silane methacrylate, phosphoric acid methacrylate and sulfide methacrylate— enables a strong and durable bond to be established to any restorative material. Therefore, there is no need to purchase and store different primers for different materials.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Photo courtesy of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Phonares is a nano-hybrid composite (NHC)-based tooth line. Its tooth moulds are characterized by a unique surface texture which enhances the life-like appearance of the teeth. The esthetic tooth moulds are optimally adjusted to proximal surfaces to ensure the right level of “white aesthetics” due to the special “Set & Fit” design. The harmonious proportions of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence make these teeth particularly attractive.

For more information, visit www.ivoclarvivadent.com.



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