Cologne calling

24 03 2009

There is little dispute that IDS is the world’s meeting place for decision-makers, dental labs, dental specialists and R&D. The event represents a real opportunity for networking with the entire international dental sector.

The European dental market is still evolving as the 2008 Survey on the European Dental Trade, conducted by ADDE, the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe, and FIDE, the Federation of European Dental Industry, demonstrates. The report recognised the four largest European markets are still Germany, Italy, France and the UK, but staggeringly less than 10% of all European dentists use the Internet or e-mail to purchase their dental products. This makes communication across the dental community even more important and events like IDS and information platforms like the DPREurope and Dental Products Report newsletters continue to play an important part in keeping dental professionals informed about the latest products, services and research and development available.

We very much hope you get the chance to visit Cologne to stay in touch with the latest developments advancing modern dentistry.
Enjoy Cologne and IDS 2009 and let us know what interesting products caught your attention, and what new ideas you came away with, email us at



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